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Logo and CI

Do you not know what your logo should look like? You want it to have and attractive design and successful marketing? Should it speak for itself and catch the attention of your clients? It is enough simply to submit your requests to us, your suggestions, or just the area of business, or the direction in which you want to go, and we will prepare several versions of the draft, so you are more than satisfied. We will deliver the selected logotype in curves or at print quality. We will register your trademark both in the territory of the Czech Republic and abroad. If you want to spread the word about you, we will prepare print documents and other promotional materials for you according to your wishes.

Corporate identity - or the trademark of your company. Your individual style by which you are clearly branded:

  • Font type
  • Style
  • Corporate colours
  • Name
  • Logo
  • Corporate identity manual
  • Page layout, etc.
  • A 3D visualisation of your offices and fair exhibitions. We will design all of these for you so that you are original and distinctive on the market. And that you make an impression on potential clients.





It is a matter of fact that we will not only print, but also graphically suggest the design. We will advise the text’s style, and the size of leaflets or posters for you. We can help you with the choice of suitable materials and printing technologies, so that the printed matter is not only appealing to the eye, but you also have the feeling that the information comes to you itself through the quality and processing of the text. We want, sophisticatedly, but also simply and clearly, to communicate the points you focus on.


Your presentation and the success in the field of marketing are largely determined by your web pages, as they are the cornerstones of every modern company. The originality of their design, orientation on the site, their structure, all of these have a big effect on each potential customer that visits your site. We will help you with their creation:

  • A graphic proposal of the www presentation, according to a graphic manual
  • The update and re-design of already created web pages
  • Flash animation
  • Banner creation
  • Logos
  • Wallpapers
  • Presentation programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT)
  • The sale of the webix.cz publishing system
  • E-shop creation
  • SEO optimisation
  • Registration of web pages into catalogues and search engines
  • Page design on social networks