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Print services

We provide clients with comprehensive print services—from offset printing to special applications. In our own production, we offer printing on the Mutoh Valuejet large printer, for which we have the complete accessories. We have also a fourth generation, the best selling in the Czech Republic, of a professional large-format laminating machine for cold and hot lamination and a digital cutting plotter.
Another area of the production of printed materials, which we cover from our own resources, is digital low-volume printing, which we carry out on Minolta Bizhub printing machines.


We offer the option of printing on the latest machines without the necessity of lamination for outdoor use. Of course, we can also create your ad with the help of a modern professional large-format laminator or a digital cutting plotter. 

We offer:

  • Stickers
  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Banners, posters, billboards, mega-boards
  • Window graphics
  • Graphics for cars
  • POS and POP materials
  • Light advertising



Full-colour digital printing is suitable for low and medium orders. It has its indisputable advantages in reducing the time complexity of the press and its preparation, which is a huge advantage for a small volume, for example, business cards, notepaper, leaflets and brochures.

Low-volume printing is suitable for:

  • calendars
  • flyers
  • corporate catalogues
  • happy new year cards
  • tags
  • master theses
  • forms
  • posters, and more ...